High productivity & competitivity

Improve productivity and deliver on customer requirements faster

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Accelerate time to market

Build and price new structured trades quickly and efficiently

Real-time decisions

Real-time blotters give immediate trading view position

Efficient workflow

Automates full lifecycle workflow  

Increase agility

Out-of-the-box functionality, simulation and migration

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A range of connectivity tools makes it easy to integrate other systems and services

  • Integrated with existing infrastructure
  • Interfaces for industry standard systems
  • Finastra micro-services and solutions

We’ve got Treasury and Capital Markets covered


Finastra Kondor

The complete system for FX and money markets trading efficiency

Fusion Opics

Front-to-back office solution for regional & local banks looking to centralize systems

Libor Express

Powerful, versatile, and system-agnostic LIBOR replacement/RFR management platform for loans, bonds, and derivatives


IntelliBonds is an AI-augmented platform delivering Alpha generation and cost optimization to fixed income investors.

OTC Instrument Monitoring

Unlock the power of data and transaction - made simple with OTC Instrument Monitoring

Vector Risk

Full end of day and real time solution for market and credit risk, including VaR, PFE, xVA and complete FRTB

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