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Clearview Federal Credit Union utilizes Finastra High-value Services to holistically support its operations

Finastra’s High-value Services for community banks and credit unions can help make the shift to a new way of working, one that is aligned with your objectives and focused on deriving value from your solutions. High-value Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of flexible and continuous engagement packages that are tailored to your needs. Our dedicated team of experts will offer holistic support to your institution as they uncover roadblocks, pain points and growth plans, enabling you to be more competitive.

Hear from Connie Martino, Director of Business Intelligence, on how Clearview Federal Credit Union is leveraging Finastra’s High-value Services, giving the organization the freedom to focus on strategic initiatives.

“I believe that having a dedicated Global Services team is a huge benefit to both Clearview and Finastra. Clearview has been a client for more than 10 years. During that time, we have had Jason Proodian as our Global Services resource. Jason is familiar with our environment, able to provide extra help when needed, acts as a sounding board, and is able to offer suggestions and solutions to questions or problems when we have them. I look at Finastra as an extension of our team as we know Jason is dedicated to Clearview and our success.

Finastra’s High-value Services provide more than just support; they truly understand their individual client. For example, a few years ago we were having proxy server issues. Finastra and Clearview’s IT areas were working on the issue. It was taking a few days and I needed to get some critical reports done for our executives. Given I was unable to access Touché, I sent Finastra Global Services my procedures and they were able to pull all the reports that I needed and upload them to the SFTP site. I did not have to wait for someone to get back to me or explain multiple times what I needed; they just knew.

Having Finastra’s Global Services team along on our journey, as we migrated from Touché to Fusion Analytics, has been extremely helpful. They know our profit model better than anyone at Clearview. We have a custom profit model that was put in place many years ago. Finastra was able to provide the insight on how the model was created and what was required within Fusion Analytics. In addition, Finastra was able to help validate files, since they have access to both Touché and Fusion Analytics.  

Another example of why I feel Finastra’s High-value Services are key, is with respect to a mapping report error that occurred within Fusion Analytics. Finastra was able to reproduce the error, show it to the development team, and work with them on a resolution. There was no additional involvement needed from me, at that time, because I knew that my dedicated Global Services team could handle any questions that the development team would have. This allowed me to focus on other things.

I look at having High-value Services as a partnership relationship. Finastra’s Global Services team gives me and Clearview exclusive access to a team of experts who know us and our environment. When I need help or have an issue, I am able to quickly get the assistance needed from a subject matter expert. I don’t have to explain my issues or my environment every time I speak with someone.”

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